Technical Solution Manager 

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1. Job Purpose
: Centralized customer window for technical support & engineering questions for printed electronics.

2. Key Tasks
2.1 Act as a project leader for customer-specific projects & solution (Immediate focus on EMI Shielding)
2.2 Support technically in customer joint projects & in pre-sales.
2.3 Equipment installation, technical training & managing technical issues on customer projects
2.4 Support project P, Product Management and Innovation in specifying, characterizing & launching new products

[근무부서 및 직급/직책]

    근무부서: 영업부
    직급/직책: 과장, 차장


1. Bachelor degree in engineering (Mechanical, Electronics, etc.)
2. Strong working knowledge of inkjet printing (equipment, process, & parameters setting) in a high volume manufacturing environment.(i.e: HP, Sindoh, Epson, Fuji Xerok, Canon, & etc.)
# Candidate can be...
   2.1 Process engineer in an inkjet printing line
   2.2 Technical manager from supplier of equipment or ink/material (i.e. conductive ink, polymer)
3. Experience in Inkjet prining on glass, ceramics, tiles is plus.
4. Good command of English communication (Verbal & Written)
5. Customer focus & willingness to travel

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  • 고용형태: 정규직
  • 근무부서: : Technical Solution unit
  • 급여조건: 연봉 협의 후 결정

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    이력서, 자기소개서
    서류전형, 면접전형


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